Two person bands

Large bands are trendy right now. They approach the size of a full orchestra and completely fill the stage. The groups listed here though run in the opposite direction by having only two people!

  1. White Stripes. The quintessential two person rock group. Check out Elephant, and be surprised by the sheer amount of sound that can come from one guitar and one drum set.
  2. Black Keys. Another stripped down rock duo with a real bluesy sound. Check out Attack and Release.
  3. Matt & Kim. Check out Grand and enjoy the punky, DIY sound from these New York indie rockers.
  4. Daft Punk. Arguably the most well known electronic group, they just released the new Tron Legacy soundtrack.
  5. OutKast. One of the most successful hip-hop acts of all time and Stankonia is one of the masterpieces.
  6. Two-person bands: Special 80s edition! 

  7. Simon and Garfunkel. The Concert in Central Park is the stuff of American legend.
  8. Eurythmics. Confession: I used to have a copy of their Greatest Hits.
  9. Hall & Oates. The Essential Hall & Oates has two discs worth of music from this songwriting duo.
  10. The two-person format also lends itself well to comedy groups.

  11. Smothers Brothers. Tom and Dick Smothers were influential, controversial, and hilarious. Check out their television show with The Best of Season 3.
  12. Flight of the Conchords. New Zealand's second most popular folk band. Their self-titled album features music from the HBO series.
  13. Tenacious D. Self proclaimed Greatest Band On Earth. Check out their self-titled album.
Written by christopher on January 24, 2011


Anonymous on January 24, 2011


You listed all my favorites! Great job!


Does anybody remember "Local H"? They were a two person band more so than Simon and Garfunkel or Flight of the Concords who actually play with an accompaniment of people especially when playing live. Local H had a mainstream rock hit in the mid 90s with "Bound for the Floor." They are considered one of the best bands to come out of Chicago in quite a while and they still tour today.


Nice one! I totally dig Local H, but never realized they were a twosome.

They were on pretty much all the mixed tapes I made in the 90s.

Sean on February 3, 2011


Sad story that White Stripes are all done... they have made some great noises and covered a lot of ground.

Good post!

Ryan Murphy on February 4, 2011


You forgot to mention a great band that has really taken off this year from our very own State! EOTO consists of Jason Haan and Michael Travis from The String Cheese Incident. Although their music isn't for everyone you have to be impressed by the fact that every show they perform is 100% Improvisational on the spot! No two shows will ever be alike.

Anonymous on February 6, 2011


Dresden Dolls are a very good two-person band too. They are one of my favorites. The werent around log enough for the hipsters to get ahold of them, but those in the know love them.


The Dolls were in my draft for this post. I must have spaced out on them; they definitely deserve to be on the list.

Tegan and Sara were on the list next to them, probably because I know Amanda Palmer likes them so much, but they usually perform with a larger band, so I ended up giving them the axe.

A Person on August 5, 2017


What about twenty one pilots?!

Sugar.Honey.Iced.Tea on September 6, 2017


Twenty one pilots is a two person band

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