Twisted Comics

I love a good illustration, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, though in some instances there truly are no words...

These comics are NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, please bear that in mind, I am talking about R. Crumb inspired twisted insanity. Like:

Grimmer Tales by Eric Bergstrom - These are very funny riffs on nursery rhymes, things do not go as planned!

Weathercraft by Jim Woodring- This book just gave me the creeps, I was amazed, confused, grossed out and yet completely riveted.

Black Hole by Charles Burns- When I finished this graphic novel I put the book in the freezer so that I would be able to sleep... Then I had to make sure it was still in the freezer when I awoke in the middle of the night. The illustrations are so stylized and interesting, the subject matter so, so, so very disturbing.

Chance in Hell by Gilbert Hernandez - written by one of the famous Hernandez brothers of Love and Rockets fame this story follows the life of a little girl who really never had a chance in - well why don't you read it and see for yourself?

Mister O by Lewis Trondheim - Now this book is actually a part of our children's collection but you read Mister O's misadventures and tell me they don't reach out to an older audience.

Do you have any favorite twisted comics, I know there are some out there that I have yet to discover, so please let me know!

Written by Emily on April 16, 2012


nate on April 17, 2012


Curses, by Kevin Huizenga, is absolutely amazing. It might be more absurdist than twisted, but his art and stories are fantastic.


Jamie Hernandez is brilliant with Maggie's character in Love & Rockets. It will be interesting to see how he resolves the Locas storyline.

St. Dee on April 19, 2012


Julia Wertz's "Drinking At The Movies" is my latest pref...

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