Tweeting Death

Unless you plan on tweeting from the great beyond, you might want to consider who gets custody of your Facebook and Twitter accounts before you die.

While not always apparent to my colleagues, I like to plan ahead.  I drafted my first will when I was eleven. There have been many revisions since then with the most recent being prompted by the excellent New York Times article about what happens to your Facebook account when you die. The library has many resources available to help with will and estate planning including the suite of products by Nolo Press. (The library also has full text access to the New York Times). However, it was a savvy NYT reader comment that noted inclusion of social networkings sites might become a regular addition to wills!  Basically, make a list of all your email, social network accounts, etc. with log on and passwords IF you want the accounts deactivated or updates made. Suddenly who gets custody of my cockatiel Pierre seems much easier to determine than custody of my Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

I always thought I’d just let my virtual life languish but think I want to be more “green” and practice virtual responsibility.  Just as I was taught to be a responsible camper, I will strive for “leave no trace" with my social networking accounts.  This assumes, of course,  that I will even still have these accounts. I am currently doing a time audit and think that my riveting existence doesn’t really merit the cheerleading I currently do. Perhaps the time might be better spent on my treadmill, extending the quality of my life, instead of simply marketing it online.


Written by Laurie. on August 2, 2010


Anonymous on August 3, 2010


Wow, I have to admit that this is something I never thought about. I hate to think about my FB acquaintances sending their Farmville requests to me after I pass...

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