Tut, Tut! It Looks Like Fun!

King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs is currently exhibiting at the Denver Art Museum. 50 objects from the tomb of the legendary ruler are on display including golden sandals straight from the king's feet!

Egypt's other legendary rulers, Khafre and Hatchepsut, have artifacts on display as well.

Did you know that Tutankhamun's mother was Nefertiti? Astonishingly, he became pharaoh when he was just 9 years old. Perhaps less shocking, he didn't live to see 20. Many speculate that his life was snuffed out by foul play.


For the Young Egyptologists:

Keep your King Tut ticket stub for $4 off an adult ticket to the Body Worlds exhibit or save $4 at the King Tut exhibit by showing your Body Worlds Ticket stub!

Written by Tara on July 26, 2010

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