Tunes and Tubes this Sunday

This Sunday's gonna be a great one for Fresh City Life!  Outside we have the venerable Curt Wallach teaching you how to fix your own bike from 1-3, and inside we have the dazzling Esme Collins singing her heart out in the great hall from 2-3. These are two hip young movers and shakers in Denver-

Curt is the owner of The Track Shack and the head of Cheetah Courier- in other words, nothing happens with bikes in Denver that Curt doesn't know about. Covered in tattoos and often sporting a gnarly mullet, Curt is a new mold of Fresh City Life presenter. And Esme, well, Esme is a downright Denver celebrity, comprising one of the three angelic voices in the band Paper Bird- she's got class, she's got style, she's a lady. She told me recently she's been writing songs like crazy for this performance- her first official solo gig. You don't want to miss a debut like this- you'll forfeit the ability to say "I knew her when..."

Best Sunday ever! Come check it out and take it in.

Written by Simone on June 25, 2010


Anonymous on June 27, 2010


excellent show today by the lady esme'. thanks for all you do to bring such great quality entertainment to denver.


 Gee thanks Anonymous!  We appreciate the positive feedback- it tells us to keep doin' what we're doing. 

Look for an Ian Cooke concert @ the library coming up September 18th.  So excited!

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