TuneGlue Finds New Music For You

If you are looking to widen your musical horizons based on musical groups or artists that you already enjoy, I recommend using the online tool TuneGlue. Next time you are browsing the library's music collection you will be supplied with new artists to discover and treasure!

When you first pull up the website, you might be underwhelmed at the sheer sparseness of it. Start by searching for a musical artist or group that you like. After searching, a little record icon pops up. Click on the icon and then on "Expand" - you will be given a handful of different artists or groups that you may also enjoy. Click on any of the bands or musical artists to generate even more leads. Sometimes, the connections overlap and create a web of suggestions.

If you love Bruno Mars, TuneGlue suggests:

If you love Rihanna, TuneGlue suggests:

If you love Mumford & Sons, TuneGlue suggests:

These suggestions are based on information collected by Last.fm and Amazon.com and are entirely user-generated.

Who will be your next favorite musical group or artist?

Written by Tara on January 2, 2011


cbrown on January 6, 2011


Aw man, fun toy. Thanks for sharing, Tara!

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