Trudi Canavan, Fantasy from down under

There is a lot of great fantasy being written in the land of Oz these days.

For some reason Australian authors have been popping up all over my radar lately. From one of my favorite illustrated series Monster Blood Tattoo, to the Black Magician Trilogy, Australian authors seem to have their thumbs on my fantasy pulse.

Trudi Canavan has written a few series but my favorite (so far) has to be the Black Magician Trilogy. This is not a fluffy fantasy, there are dark themes and darker characters at work here. Beginning with The Magicians' Guild, Canavan builds a world of epic magic, intrigue, and danger as her plots twist and turn through The Novice and finally culminate in a surprising conclusion in The High Lord.

The Black Magician Trilogy is a well-crafted and dark high-fantasy. Canavan touches on some very complex issues like class and sexuality, before tackling what it means to be good or evil, and sometimes, she shows us, that evil can all be in how you look at it...

Written by Emily on December 9, 2011


Anonymous on December 10, 2011


Thanks! I haven't dipped into high fantasy and can't wait to give it a whirl.

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