TRON: Legacy

In theaters December 17th!!

Garrett Hedlund is not a well known actor, but I personally loved him in FOUR BROTHERS! He is one of the main characters in TRON: Legacy, playing Sam Flynn, who is haunted by the disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a man who was once known as the worlds leading video-game developer. While investigating the disappearance, Sam finds himself pulled into a world filled with gladiatorial programs. I'm kinda excited to see this one. I never saw the first one back in the 80's, but this looks good. Hopefully super cool FX! Finally a movie worth the 3D experience. I just hope the story line is as good as the 3D/FX previews! All in all, it is from Walt Disney Pictures so it's a film the whole family can enjoy.

Written by Lupe on November 29, 2010

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