Traveling for the Holidays? Don't Miss Out on Your Holds!

Have you been waiting for that special item for a long time? Perhaps a popular DVD or a bestselling book? Don't let your holiday travel plans get in the way of you getting those long-awaited holds!

You can keep your place in the holds queue AND keep items from arriving while you are gone by suspending your holds! By suspending your holds, you will keep moving up the list, but the hold will not be sent for you to pick up until on or after date you specify. You'll never have to miss out on a hold again just because you were out of town when it arrived!

How do you suspend your holds? You can do it yourself from the My Account page at Log in to your account, scroll to the bottom of your holds list, and choose "Suspend/Reactivate Selected" or "Suspend/Reactivate All." (Even if you think an item may not come in while you are gone, because the list is so long, suspend it anyway--some items move very fast, and you don't want to miss anything!). Choose the date on which you want your holds to start coming again. You will keep moving up the list until you reach # 1, and then your hold will be automatically reactivated on the date that you set. You will receive the next available copy of the item. Return to town early? It's easy to go in and change the activation date in your account! See detailed instructions here.

You can also call or stop by any library for help in suspending or reactivating your holds. You'll want to do this a few days before you leave.

If you have questions about suspending or reactivating your holds, please call or ask staff at your local library. Take one bit of stress out of the holiday season by suspending your holds if you'll be out of town--or just too busy to sit down and read or watch a movie!

Written by Becker on November 28, 2011

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