Tonight! Truffle & Wine Tasting at the Overdue Love Club

Finding that special someone is a lot like finding the perfect special ingredients to mix together for an ideal taste experience. Along this line of thinking, we've prepared a very special Overdue Love Club for you at tonight's singles mixer, from 6:30-8 p.m. at MadWine Bar.

You'll meet other single Denverites while sampling wine and truffles provided by our hosts at MadWine and our event sponsor, Chocolate Lab.

These are not just any old truffles — they're hand-crafted by two locals who have developed their chocolate-making hobby into a full -blown business with the intent to bring world class quality chocolates to this city. Choosing each component of each truffle carefully, making sure that all the elements of the flavor palate fit together perfectly, they bring you cocoa creations both familiar and other-worldly. From the classic dark chocolate or tuxedo truffle, to the highly experimental yet mind-blowingly delicious serrano ham-manchego cheese truffle, to the downright hilarious jalapeno-Pop Rocks truffle (pictured), co-owners Phil and Austin are doing something new and exciting for Denver's chocolate scene.

They're no strangers to the role that chocolate can play in romance. On one of their early dates, Austin presented Phil (who was not, at that time, a self-identified chocolate fan) with a box of homemade truffles, made with a recipe Austin had spent years perfecting. Phil quickly converted to a chocolate fan (these truffles will do that), and years later, they're still in business, bringing their lovely chocolates to the Overdue Love Club.

Join us at tonight's event to get a taste of these fabulous treats, paired perfectly with a selection of international wines, from 6:30 - 8 p.m. at MadWine, located across the cultural plaza from the Denver Art Museum building. Free event, open to all.

Written by Simone on April 15, 2011

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