Tomato Aspic: Party like it's 1929

Tomato Aspic: Party like it's 1929
Tomato Aspic: Party like it's 1929 Tomato Aspic: Party like it's 1929

KnitFlix pays tribute to depression-era partying with Dinner at Eight.

There are a lot of themes and motifs in the film Dinner at Eight (1933, directed by George Cukor). With a huge cast of Hollywood notables, and taken from a hit stage play, Dinner at Eight is a microcosmic look at everything that was going wrong in the United States during the depression -- and even a few things that were going right.

Amid the turmoil of financial collapse and ruined careers, the possibility of a failed tomato aspic becomes the focus for one unaware hostess (played with gusto by Billie Burke). There is much talk of whether a dinner party can even survive without a proper tomato aspic. And the aspic (and its potential failure) become another interesting metaphor in the film.

Showtime is 5:30p on Tuesday, 8/16 in the Fresh City Lounge. Bring some knitting or handwork, if you like, or just a curiosity for tomato aspic, which will be provided for our amusement and nibbling. After all, It wouldn't be a party without a tomato aspic.


If you are still looking for tomato aspic, definitely call Chalet Suzanne, located in Lake Wales, Florida. They also make a delicious orange apic as well. If you ever get to Florida, you need to eat dinner there... fabulous!!!

I read a few nice review on Chalet Suzanne's aspics. They used to make an orange aspic and a tomato aspic. The gift shop link is not working. you might have to call.

I know Piggly Wiggly grocery stores used to carry tomato aspic, but that was long ago.

Does anyone know where I can purchase canned tomato aspic? Not a receipe, but canned.

Vermont Country Store had some a few years ago but not there today 2013. They do take special requests...I'll send one and see what they say.

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