TLC for Your CAT

In addition to polychromatic leaves and bundling up in my favorite sweaters, my most cherished thing about Autumn is how snuggly my cats get. The library has an abundance of books on how to give your furry friends all the best.

Whether it is a behavioral issue or making sure your pet is healthy, these are all books I have found to be helpful and worth reading or have recommended to others successfully.

Written by Tara on October 28, 2010


Jonie on October 28, 2010


That's great. I have dogs and cats and it's really hard to read cats relative to dogs so seems like a little help in this area is good.

Anonymous on October 29, 2010


Are those really your cats? They look like cat models.


Thank you! They really are my little darlings. I adore them. Taking their picture is usually harder, because they move around so much, but for this shot, all I had to do was hold a turkey sandwich in the other hand!

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