Tips to Manage your Holds for Books, CDs and DVDs

In the new library catalog, you have a lot more power over your account than you used to have. Here are some tips to manage your Holds.

Use My Account to keep track of your holds. Select Holds in the My Account submenu.

To Cancel Holds

  • Check the box by the title for each hold that you want to cancel.
  • Only holds with status "Hold Active" can be canceled online.
  • Click Cancel selected at the bottom of the page.
  • Canceled holds will display for 7 days with the status "Hold Canceled" in case of accidental cancellation.
  • For items on the "Hold Shelf" contact the pickup location or just wait and the hold will expire in 7 days.

If it looks like all your holds are going to arrive at the same time (and who among us hasn't been there?) or if you're going on vacation, you can Suspend some or all of your holds.

To Suspend Holds

  • Check the box next to the title(s) you want to suspend.
  • Click Suspend/Reactivate Selected or Suspend/Reactivate All.
  • Enter a date when you want to reactivate the holds. (You can change the date anytime.)

When your hold is suspended, you will continue to move up the hold list. When you get to #1, you'll stay there but your hold won't be filled until your hold is reactivated. This is convenient if you tend to place a lot of holds at once but want to spread the books over a period of time, or if you're in a book group and want to try to read the book just before the meeting. Holds will be reactivated on the date you entered. If you've made it to the top of the list, you'll get the next copy. If you haven't made it to the top yet, you will continue to move up the list. You can reactivate your holds anytime - just check the box again and click Suspend/Reactivate and enter today's date. Click Back to return to the My Account page, or click Sign Out to quit account functions and protect your privacy.

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Written by Janet on July 27, 2011

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