ThunderCats, Ho!

They say you can never go back, but I guess you can reboot. Two of my favorite childhood TV shows return to the big and small screens this summer. In addition to The Smurfs film, Cartoon Network has relaunched ThunderCats! While the beloved Rankin & Bass animation has changed, many improvements have been made to the storyline and plot.

I must admit, I tried re-watching the original series a few years ago and was shocked that I could ever have enjoyed such a melodramatic, strange series. I thought that even as a child, my preferences were witty and urbane, emotionally complex, even. Re-watching the original series left me feeling old, disillusioned, and newly aware of just how golden memories of times gone by can really be. The updated series, based on the pilot alone, is a significant improvement and was delightful to watch.

Reboots are not always an improvement in my opinion, though. The updated Tron: Legacy can't hold a candle to the original. While I have not yet seen it, I have my doubts about The Smurfs film. The original Smurfs cartoons continue to amuse me.

What are your feelings about rehashing old favorites? Which 80s cartoon would you like to see hit the big or small screen as a reboot? Revive Rainbow Brite, says I.

Written by Tara on August 1, 2011


squee on August 1, 2011


Actually, I was just saying last night that I really, REALLY want to see a Xena feature length movie made in another 10 years or so.  Long enough to give some distance from the original series, but not so long that it has been forgotton.

Thundercats, I salute your brave revival, but no one can beat the Warrior Princess.


I do love me some Xena, but you say Warrior Princess and I think of She-Ra! I would definitely watch either one as a feature length film reboot!


While the Warrior Princess and the Princess of Power have much in common (dark pasts they seek to redeem themselves from, an affinity for swords and violence, skimpy attire), in an all out brawl, my money is on Xena.

THAT would make an AWESOME reboot!!!  Xena v. She-ra: the battle for the crown.

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