Terry Pratchett

I heard Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series and other books, discuss his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

With the use of a computer-based dictation system, he is able to write. In the NPR interview, Pratchett discussed his efforts to make assisted suicide an option for himself and others. For now he is content to keep writing.

In my teens and twenties I watched my Grandmother who had dementia, go from an intelligent former teacher to a woman with a 90-second reality (she would repeat the same 2 or 3 questions). I understand a bit of heartache the future may hold for Pratchett and his family. If you face Alzheimer’s or other dementias, DPL has many resources.

DPL's health databases may be helpful.

Written by Dawn on August 15, 2011


Anonymous on August 15, 2011


Thanks Dawn.

Please also include Medline Plus (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ which also includes links to national organizations supporting patients and caregivers.

Denver Public Library's website also has several health resources including medical libraries that may be helpful.

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