Taste of the Garden

LiveWell West Denver invites you to a Taste of the Garden Produce and Health Fair on August 20 from 9-11:30 a.m. at Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey. Each family or single adult will get a bag or box full of free fruits and vegetables! There will also be cooking demos with free samples!

What is your favorite fresh from the garden vegetable recipe? I love zucchini and asparagus. I've found that the trick to cooking asparagus is to saute them over medium/low until they turn bright green. Serve quickly. They really taste the best when they are still snappy. The rest of the menu usually goes a little something like this: baked salmon in wasabi/honey/soy sauce mix, couscous, and spring mix salad. Depending on how fancy we are feeling, we might saute the asparagus in garlic and fresh rosemary. What I like best is that none of these dishes is time or labor intensive. Line your glass baking dish with aluminum foil and clean up is a breeze too! 

Books to Make the Most of Your Free Fresh Fruits & Veggies:

If growing your own vegetables is what you desire, the library has many books on that topic too! For more on the hottest recipes out there, and to vote on which one is the next delectable experiment, be sure to read LaurieKM's blog!

Written by Tara on August 18, 2010


Jonie on August 19, 2010


My favorite part of gardening is tomatoes. We rarely get them inside - just eat them off the vine. No need for a recipe!

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