Staff Art Show

Staff Art Show

Staff Art Show on display until February 27, 2011.

Next time you're at the Central Library, plan on spending some extra time to make your way up to Level 7. The beautiful Vida Ellison Gallery is housing this exhibit of fine art created by staff for the 8th consecutive year.

In addition to highlighting the creativity, diversity and individuality of the Denver Public Library staff, the gallery offers spectacular views of downtown Denver. Not to be missed!



Who did the watercolor of Nebraska in winter? I loved it! Every time I drive through Nebraska (and eastern Colorado) I say, "It's flat, brown, and treeless for as far as you can see!" This watercolor actually gives you the chill I would expect to feel, and yet captures the beauty as well. It's wonderful!!!

Glad you enjoyed the painting. The artist is Karen Kelley.

The girl playing violin was also painted by Charlie Corrigan. My favorite!

Congratulations to Charlie! She won the Best of Show for "Octopus with Accordion"!

It's a great show this year, so I encourage all who haven't taken a look, please do. It runs through February 27!

Oh how funny! I'm willing to bet *at least* one of you is secretly my mom ;) But, thank you for the compliments.

Now go see the whole show! It was amazing last year and even more so this year from what I've seen so far. There are so many wonderfully talented artists working for DPL!

Love the painting featured. DPL staff are way talented!

I agree with all the other comments - really nice piece! And please heed Charlie's suggestion to come down and see the other fine works on display. We have a good mix of left and right-brainers at DPL.

I love the picture you have here; who is the Artist please? I may like to look him or her up.

Who is the artist of this painting featured with your article/announcement? What is the name of this painting?

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