A snail, really? Yes!

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, really is about a wild snail eating. But it goes further and deeper than that - Bailey takes us on a literal and researched journey deep into the silence, patience and awed perception of a wild snail eating from her bedside as she recovers from her own illness.

This book was relatable and comforting for me as it explored the different levels of illness. Although a sometimes sad and difficult topic, this story's outlook became a mirror for my life and could for many other people who have experienced the emotional and mental obstacles of overcoming illness.

The wild snail, brought to her by a friend, becomes metaphor and inspiration for overcoming illness for Bailey. Through these pages Bailey takes us into the inner workings of the wild snail's life. So, how interesting can a snail's life be? Read and if you could you will want to visit a snail's home. Read and be moved to take a trip to a garden and watch a snail move slowly carrying its house on its back. Read then listen to a snail eat a leaf and perhaps you will have moved slower yourself in life for the better.

Written by MelissaS on October 17, 2011

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