Sleigh Bells "Treat" The World To A Little Brooklyn Noise!!

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the most sense. Once again the good city of Brooklyn has stepped up to give the world of the music industry a blast of what it might need right about now....a bit of simplicity. Take one part hammering drums & guitar and one part shoegazer female vocals and you have the latest "Treat" from New York in the form of Sleigh Bells.


The musical hurricane known as the Sleigh Bells (with Derek Miller serving as the chaos of massive drums with screaming guitars and his band mate Alexis Kraus dwelling in the eye of it with her sweeter than sugar vocals) started dropping demos on the Internet last year and in the few months that followed they had quickly earned their way into every conversation of, "What is new in music today?" Following up the gossip with some amazing live shows and a speaker destroying single called "Tell 'Em" the duo found themselves putting ink to paper to be the first signing to the label MOM + POP owned by none other than M.I.A. From this came their first full length release "Treats" which is one of those rare albums that once you put it on your stereo or iPod, it refuses to be ignored. Punk and metal guitar riffs blend with pounding hip-hop and electro beats to form an army of sound around Alexis's striking soft vocal melodies making music that not only defies genres but sets a stage for originality.

After 11 tracks of this sonic assault I challenge you not to take up the Sleigh Bells flag and run through the streets with it because besides having a brutish new sound that makes you want to listen, like your ears driving past some audio-car-crash and slowing down, this duo has provided the youth of today with something fresh and joyful that you can't wait to either dance to or shake a fist in the air towards the speaker.

Is Brooklyn the new U.K. or Jamaica for 2010? With bands like MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, TV On The Radio and M.I.A. representing the small borough alongside gems like the Sleigh Bells and an eclectic underground that has been concrete there for decades, it would seem that the city of Brooklyn is poised to make some noise in the year 2010.

Written by Selecta Roswell on August 17, 2010


stacey on October 1, 2010


Sleigh Bells is playing at the Larimer Lounge October, 23rd.  They would be great to see live.

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