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Tired of waiting on hold for Adele's latest, 21?

With over 500 people on hold it may seem as though you're never going to get your hands on that cd. So...jump the queue. Cut the line. How? By checking out Freegal.

Freegal is a collection of popular, drm-free (legally downloadable) music. With your Denver Public Library card you get to download three tracks each week. Did I mention these downloads are free? And legal?!

Freegal's got thousands and thousands of albums, classics as well as current hits. Adele's latest is available for download as is the entire catalog of Glee hits.

The collection is easy to search and fun to browse. Freegal has introduced me to artists and has helped me catch up with old favorites.

What are you waiting for? Skip that holds list and start downloading!

Written by Amber on June 24, 2011


Anonymous on March 8, 2012


What happened to DPL's Freegal???? It went away :( Please let us know what happened and if it will be back!


We're sorry you miss Freegal. As part of our 2012 budget planning process we had to make some difficult decisions. We analyzed costs and use of our music CD collection as well as Freegal. Based on that analysis we made the decision to eliminate Freegal once our maximum number of downloads was reached. We have a limited budget to purchase music for the Library and we try to use it in a way that will satisfy as many customers as possible. Our music CDs are used by a wider customer base and their use actually increased in 2011. We hope you have enjoyed the service and will use our other music resources including our CD collection as well as our streaming music services.

Zee Clients! on December 8, 2013


Hi! Any word on whether Freegal will be available in 2014 for DPL? Thanks!


We will not be adding Freegal next year and will focus on the CD collection instead. Thanks!


Ross barnum manager is really bad. How come u guy let him work in Ross barnum. I want to know why. please reply back.

Anonymous on February 27, 2016


I think that by the growing number of people that no longer use CDs and instead have music on their computer it is outdated of the library to still not provide the Freegal services.

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