Sinner or Saint

I enjoy watching Ovation and was recently reminded of the amazing talent of Sarah Vaughan. Her vinyl album Sarah Vaughan in Hi-Fi, produced by Columbia, was a favorite at home.

I would duet with Sarah as a kid and while too young to understand the pathos of the lyrics, I was old enough to appreciate her incredible voice. If you're not familiar with Sarah Vaughan, treat yourself to 16 Most Requested Songs. I am fond of her ballads which are featured on After Hours. The library also has wonderful jazz icons DVD series which includes Sarah Vaughn live in '58 and '64.

I am always looking for new recordings to share. Fortunately, the library not only has recordings, but talented staff like Eric, a colleague who screens jazz CDs as they arrive at the library. I have taken many "Eric recommendations" home with great success. Look for Eric's latest list of jazz favorites coming soon this fall.

Written by Laurie. on July 28, 2010


Anonymous on July 28, 2010


You have great taste! Sarah Vaughan is one of my all time favorites too, what a voice! She can make a person weep in rapture.

Janet on July 29, 2010


Sarah Vaughan is featured in the library's Jazz Music Library streaming music database. You can create your own playlists or send-to-mobile to listen from your phone.

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