VaVoom, and How

Denver's favorite hostess and burlesque queen, Vivienne VaVoom, takes on Stag Social Club.

The Denver Post writer Bill Husted once opined, and I paraphrase, -- in Denver, everything is six degrees of Vivienne VaVoom (aka Michelle Baldwin). I take that to mean that if you want to be near the sizzle and sparkle of the culture quake in Denver, then Vivienne VaVoom is your epicenter.

It's with a bit of pride then that I write that Vivienne VaVoom has begun hosting our singles night -- Stag Social Club. It was also Vivienne's clever idea to move the monthly event to the environs of Forest Room 5, where they're ready to help Miss VaVoom work her magic with fun, intelligent Denver singles.

And speaking of magic, this week's Stag will be featuring the close up prestidigitation of Max Mago, a Denver magician who performs with a wink and a smile. Magic tricks, a beautiful hostess, a fun venue -- Denver singles never had it so good. This Friday, July 15, 6:30-8p, Forest Room 5. Check it out! Registration encouraged. Add'l info here. 

Written by Chris on July 12, 2011

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