Singles Mixer Friday February 11! Register Now!

Singles Mixer Friday February 11! Register Now!

Find love in the stacks! By RSVP only, enjoy a fast-paced evening with other book- loving singles on Friday, February 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Schlessman Family Branch Library.

Each area of the library will have questions to get the conversations flowing. In the DVD area you'll talk about your favorite movie. In the children's area you'll share a favorite childhood memory. In the fiction area, you can tell a whopper of a tale! Coffee and light refreshments will be served. By registration only. Call 720-865-0000 or stop by the Schlessman reference desk to register.


I saw this just now. I tried to call the number. It looks like the library is closed tomorrow.

I am interested in going. Is it too late to register? If not, is there another way to register?

Feel free to come tonight at 6, since we are closed today & you can't call us!

Just saw this. I'm also concerned about the age groups. As this is a library sponsored event I have to wonder if anyone (women in particular) will be there who are in my dating range.

Also, maybe you could buddy-up with a singles group or the Denver Nightlife Meetup group which hosts singles events all the time:

Great idea. I can imagine you're going to get a pretty broad age range, though? I guess that might be fun, but also make it less likely to work? Maybe break it out into age brackets? But, match evenly for age - that is, don't match younger women with older men - ugh.

Thanks for the feedback, we'll take it into consideration when planning future events.

I LOVE this idea but can't make it as I work until 6pm. Even if I worked until 5, I still wouldn't have enough time to get home, walk the dog, and get presentable for possible love interests by 6. Please, if you offer this again (and I hope you do), start it at 7.

Brilliant! I see a new career change option here - MLS to marriage counselor?

That is too cool, makes me want to be a single! How did you swing that?

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