Serene and Volcanic

"Today, I dedicate this to you, you are long like the body of Chile, delicate  like an anise flower,  and in every branch you bear witness to our indelible springtimes... you guard the sun, the earth, the violets in your slender shadow when you sleep. And in this way, every morning  you give me life."  - Pablo Neruda from the poem "Every Day, Matilde"

Such tangible and raw beauty lifts off the pages of Pablo Neruda's poetry. How such words can then take form in the mind and senses to create a world within your world. His poems allow the soul to escape to exotic places of body and earth and allows the soul to come back to the not so exotic places of home. Truly an inspiration for love and lover, the serene place of mind, and volcanic places of the heart.

His poems also echo the common threads of thought on place, solitude, sensuality, blessings, home and the list continues. It's because of these universal thoughts and feelings that I turn to Pablo Neruda when I feel the need for inspiration and even, companionship. His essence and words give home to many.

From the poem "Getaway"

"...I went back to my own region,

went back to not dreaming

on the street, to being this greyish traveller

in the world of barbershops,

this me wearing shoes,

with hunger and spectacles,

who doesn't know where he came from, who is lost,

who gets up in the morning

missing the meadow grass,

who goes to bed sightless

to dream without rain..."

Some books of poetry by Pablo Neruda Full Woman, Fleshy Apple, Hot Moon, The Poetry of Pablo Neruda, Plenos Poderes, Intimacies: Poems of Love, Extravagaria, Residence on Earth, and The Sea and the Bells.

Written by MelissaS on July 18, 2011

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