Sassy New Hostess for the Overdue Love Club

The Overdue Love Club has a new hostess! Vivienne VaVoom, one of Denver's top burlesque entertainers, comes to the singles night for intelligent people brimming with enthusiasm and ideas on how to get Denver singles to meet other Denver singles.

And it definitely involves glitter.  See her work her magic this Friday, February 18 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Michelangelo's Wine and Coffee Bar on Broadway & Ellsworth.  Here she answers a few questions about love, nerdiness, burlesque and The Vamp.


So how did you get your start in burlesque, and what’s your favorite thing about it?

When I was about twenty-five I saw a show at the Mercury Café which featured Evangeline the Oyster Girl doing a classic 1940s routine.  She came out of an oyster shell dressed in green glitter and wearing a green wig, doing an exotic pearl dance in front of a three piece band.  She was so beautiful and the audience loved her!  I was hooked.

My favorite thing about burlesque is that it doesn’t stay within the box that media and our society trys to put women into.  Burlesque women can be any size, shape or age as long as they’re fun to watch!  And they can do classic routines, or pop culture routines or something else entirely- they can explore all sorts of ideas through performance.  Plus they get to wear all that glitter, which I love!

Have you ever done a singles event before?  What do you think the crossover is between burlesque and singles events?

I’ve never done a singles night specifically, but I do have a long history of match-making.  Lots of friends I’ve introduced have gotten married!  I’ve even introduced ex-boyfriends to their current wives!  It seems to follow me wherever I go.  And I think there’s a lot of crossover between being a burlesque performer and hosting a singles night.  Both are enjoyed by men and women alike, and both are playful, sensual and stimulating.  Whether it’s singles audience or a burlesque audience, the women on stage (in this case, me) are creative, confident and gorgeous and empower their audiences to feel the same, which is how you want to feel when you meet new people.   I make my burlesque nights feel like a party, and I’m going to do the same for the Overdue Love Club.  It’s a casual environment where people can have organic conversations.  I’m not trying to put people in a romantic pigeonhole- this is about having fun!

Do you have anything special planned for the Overdue Love Club on Friday the 18?

We’ll be doing a post-Valentine’s Day activity that’s slightly nerdy and designed to get people talking.  I like to think of myself as sexy and nerdy, just like the OLC!  Both things at once is possible!

What advice would you have for someone looking to meet people in Denver?

The biggest thing is being open to meeting people.  We get into these patterns where we become enmeshed in our current social landscape and don’t step outside of that.  Being open to meeting new people opens up endless possibilities.  Also, don’t judge people by how they look- take the time to find out what they’re about.  Even if it’s not a love match, there are excellent people in Denver and you might be meeting a new best friend, as long as you’re open to it.

If you could be any food in the world, what would you be?

That’s a hard question- I like so much food!  Probably really fancy mac n cheese, with four different types of cheese and crumbles on top. Comforting, yet high class.  If you had asked me what kind of cocktail I'd be, I would have answered The Vamp, which is a fabulous concoction of port wine, vodka, brandy and blackberry liqueur with a blackberry garnish.  So luscious, just like me!

Written by Simone on February 15, 2011


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