Salsaleros from across the Border

 A chef friend of mine headed south of the border four months ago to expand his horizons, have new experiences, live la vida del Southern Hemisphere and most importantly, explore the food.  He writes a blog called Nunca Acaba de Llegar - Never Stop Arriving, where he documents his culinary adventures.  

 The most recent post is devoted to the very best Salsas he's encountered in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Check it out!  Might give you some inspiration to submit a recipe for The Salsa Wars, our city-wide salsa recipe competition.  The Salsa Wars, and the month of South American Street Food cooking demos we're hosting leading up to it, are all part of the Biennial of the Americas, a month-long celebration of the Western Hemisphere.

It's gettin' spicy at Fresh City Life!  

Written by Simone on June 22, 2010

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