Rumors and Romance Backstage at Balls: A Holiday Spectacular

 Have you heard about Balls?

Hello my little gumdrops! 

Phoebe Reese here, reporting in: There is a flurry of activity going on over at Curious Theatre -- as we prepare a holiday extravaganza! I must tell you though that a lot of the rumors and innuendo that you've been hearing about Balls: A Holiday Spectacular are absolutely true. First, I should acknowledge the real brains behind Balls  -- Mare Trevathan, Melanie Owen Padilla and GerRee Hinshaw; they are ego-driven taskmasters and we've been working into the wee hours to make Balls sparkle! I'm more of a spectator in all the doings, so I enjoy my time backstage letting people talk to me.

Allowing the public to engage with you is not without its difficulties however. For instance, one of our performers, John Common, who is a brilliant singer, uses his spare time backstage making brazen overtures to me -- insisting that I haven't seen Denver till I've seen it with him. He's a looker, but I've survived too many backstage romances to get entangled with a lothario like John. He'll be broken-hearted when I finally banish him from my dressing room; do come to our theatrical and cheer him on.

I'm also having to negotiate some stormy waters with one of the ladies in the cast - a Miss Adrian Egolf. There's a young actor here named John Arp, who is quite smitten with me. Along with acting, he is also a very talented chef and he brings little nibbles and noshes everyday that he's prepared especially for me. Isn't that precious? But our Miss Adrian seems to be always close at hand, giving me the skunk eye and interrupting our little tete a tetes, -- she really seems to be standing in the way of blossoming romance. All's fair in love, and I can report, with some wistfulness, that I'm probably too much woman for dear Mr. Arp, so I'll turn off my copious charms. It is a little frustrating always having to hide the bounty that is me under a bushel basket. Sigh.

Anyway, my little loves, there are lots of creative people lying about at the theatre for me to entertain. There's Darren and Dana -- an accomplished musical duo. Uber telegenic Jess DeNicola. And Gabriella Cavallero and Dana Dresser, both clever actresses who'll be on hand to tell you stories. Jim Ruberto and Jim Wood delight us all with their beautiful music. Finally, stand-up comic Johnny Hayz is always tickling our funny bones. He's quite handsome, too...hmmm, another Stage Door Johnny! More insider info for you soon!

Get your tix for Balls and come and see me and all the gang!

Merry, Merry and xoxo,


Benefit for Fresh City Life -- On December 9, Balls kicks-off with John Common & Jess DeNicola, John Arp & Adrian Egolf, Darren & Dana, jazz musician and stand-up comic Johnny Hayz with Jim Wood. And world-renowned entertainer and hostess, Phoebe Reese. All for a worthy cause: proceeds from this evening will help to sustain Fresh City Life, adult cultural programming at Denver Public Library. Tickets: Suggested donation of $15-35, paid via collection basket during the show. ALL PROCEEDS go to a different Denver non-profit every night. Reservations mightily recommended. For FCL's evening go to, call 720.865.1205 or

Written by Chris on December 3, 2010

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