Ridiculous martial arts movies!

I love martial arts films, but sometimes, I want to laugh too. These films have amazing action scenes and are funny/cheesy to boot!

Some of my favorite martial arts movies of late are remakes of American films, or Asian westerns. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
Always wear a diving bell for protection in an gunfight!

Dynamite Warrior
A Thai Western with some amazing fight scenes and fireworks as the ultimate sidekick.

Tears of the Black Tiger
Freakishly technicolor with some very emo cowboys and a mean love interest. The first fight scene is brilliant!

Kung-Fu Mahjong
There are 3 movies in this series, with numbers 1 and 3 being my favorite. Fans of Kung-Fu Hustle will enjoy seeing the landlords in hilarious cameo roles here.

Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis
Full of campy gags, obvious (American) pop culture ripoffs, and a crazy wire-fu love scene.

The Blind Swordsman Zatoichi; Sonatine
A tongue in cheek reinterpretation of the classic series.

Curse of the Golden Flower
This movie is kind of awful, but I'm including it because of the technicolor styrofoam props.

Black Dynamite
Hilarious modern Blaxploitation film set in the 1970s. Please do not interrupt this man's Kung Fu.

What are your favorite cheesy action movies?

Written by extra medium on June 4, 2011


Anonymous on April 12, 2012


Kung Fu Hustle is outstanding! Great list, thank you!


Hey, I'm really glad you liked them! I've been doing, erm, research for yet another round of ridiculous films to come out soon!

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