A few tricks for a big treat: Reverse Painting on Glass

With a rich and varied history, reverse painting on glass is making a comeback. You can do it, too -- Fresh City Life takes this technique and applies it to Halloween imagery.

I was surprised to find out that painting on glass dates to the middle ages. Check out a very brief history of painting on glass here. It was traditionally used to capture religious iconography. 

We're utilizing this fascinating approach to painting and connecting it to Dia de los Muertos imagery and retro Halloween icons.

My prototype is the Frida-esque skeleton pictured here at the top. Our craftinatrix Trish can't stop making them and her samples are pictured here as well. I'm in love with her 1940s black cat. And the portrait in profile is actually a shadow portrait of her toddler son with a sugar skull painted on the inside. Adorable and creepy!

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Written by Chris on October 9, 2011


Anonymous on March 25, 2013


love this art. i'm interested in contacting the artist. can you help?

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