Resources about crude oil spills and health

The Deep Water Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill has focused people's attention not only on the immediate environmental impact of the spill, but on the damage that will result in years to come, including concerns about health effects.
The National Library of Medicine has gathered useful information on Crude Oil Spills and Health from a variety of sources, including the Deep Water Horizon Unified Command official response, NOAA updates, chemical exposure and seafood contamination information from health and safety agencies, social media sites' information and more.

Written by Stefanie on May 7, 2010


james on May 13, 2010


This continues to be a shocking disaster with no immediate end in site. I know many feel that leaving behind fossil fuels in the near future is mere fantasy, but when something like this happens and you see the incredible damage to the wildlife ecosystem and livelihood of people who rely on the coastal waters, one has to think it's time to make the commitment to transition into the next period of energy production and usage.

Rio on June 16, 2010


I think that every person who owns a car is also implicated in this hideous disaster. BP obviously cut every corner possible, but if we didn’t create the demand, there would be no need to supply oil. Our entire infrastructure and way of life is intertwined with BP and oil spewing into our gulf. It’s time for big change.

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