Repeat Attender

Summer concert season is in full swing and I'm feeling nostalgic thinking about my favorite concerts of summers past.

There is nothing like seeing your favorite bands outdoors during the summer. The pre-show tailgating. The crazy weather.  The beach balls being volleyed through the crowd. I don't catch many shows these days so join me as I reminisce about some of my favorite annual summer escapades.

The Cure, 1996-2008
Seeing my favorite band every four years is a given for me. My first Cure show didn't happen until 1996 (and was at an arena) but the 2000 show was outside and all I can remember about this show is mud. My favorite Cure show was in 2004 at Fiddler's Green (or whatever it was called in '04). We were only a few rows back and they played all my favorites.

R.E.M., 1995, 1999
I don't remember R.E.M. touring every summer but I do remember catching them every time they came to town (or within a few hours' drive). The best end to a show ever happened at the 1999 show in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. The band was closing with "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" and as the song started so did a downpour. Couldn't have asked for a more surreal finale.

Jimmy Buffett, 1994-2002
For nearly ten years the annual summer Buffett show was an event I did not miss. Parrotheads are among the greatest tailgaters ever and these shows would be an all day event.

Dave Matthews Band, 1998-2006
My sister is a DMB fanatic (crazy, travel anywhere for a show fanatic) so I spent many summers tagging along. We always caught the Pittsburgh show and would usually travel to at least one other show each summer.

Poison, 1990, 2002, 2004
Ok, I've got to include Poison on this list. They were the first concert I was allowed to go to without being chaperoned. When they started touring again (or maybe they never stopped) I was super excited. The show was a blast and for a few hours I was transported back to my crimped hair days of yore.


As I sit and reflect on all of the money spent on just these shows (yikes!) I want to hear what concerts are on your repeat attender list. 


Written by Amber on July 16, 2011

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