Recent Reads on Differences

As a person with a disability, I am always interested in new books about others who live with differences.

I have read three books lately. In The Anti-Romantic Child, Priscilla Gilman who is an expert on the poet, Wadsworth, intertwines his poetry as she describes her journey as a mother of a son with special needs. Elizabeth Bonker is an adolescent who has autism and writes poetry, though she is unable to speak. I Am in Here describes her life and how her parents have helped her. After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick is the fictionalized account of Jeffrey who had cancer several years ago, now in middle school he struggles with schoolwork as a result of the cancer treatment he received. He also meets a girl he enjoys and can’t figure out what his friend Stephen is hiding from him. The book recently won the Schneider Family Book Award for the accurate portrayal of a person with a disability.
Enjoy these books!

Written by Dawn on October 31, 2011

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