Quirky Gentlemen

The films Gentlemen Broncos and The Extra Man are frolicsome comedies that portray unique young men who are writers and maintain an unconventional relationship with a mentor. If you like eccentric comedies that can venture into the absurd, I recommend these two films.

Gentlemen Broncos is from the same geniuses who made Napoleon Dynamite. When I first saw Napoleon Dynamite, I admit, I wasn't sure it was funny until the second viewing. I had nearly the same reaction with this film, but I think seeing Napoleon Dynamite as many times as I have has loosened me up a little bit. This film also stars Jemaine Clement, of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, as a famous eccentric Science Fiction author.

The Extra Man stars Kevin Kline, Paul Dano and John C. Reilly. Paul Dano plays Louis Ives who moves to Manhattan to "find himself" and work on his writing. The narration going on in the character's mind was truly a stroke of brilliance. Kevin Kline is an aging gentlemen who escorts, or is the extra man, for wealthy women who need to keep their dinner parties balanced with men and women. It is a very strange film but I found it fascinating and touching.

Which films are your quirky favorites?

Written by Tara on February 7, 2011


Kelly on February 12, 2011


I also highly suggest the book this movie is based on, The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames. I have yet to see the movie, but the book is hilarious and extremely entertaining. After reading your blog I will have to see the movie as well!

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