Quick Bread Throwdown: The Recipes

They all came rolling into my email on Monday morning -- the recipes for quick bread contenders in our Sunday cooking throwdown. I opened each email like I was excitedly opening presents on Christmas morning. Our quick bread competition and demo this Sunday will be a photo finish - with lots of good eats!

I actually couldn't imagine a quick bread recipe that involves a blow torch until I read through the recipe from one of our competitors. That's right, at a certain point in the preparation a blow torch is pulled into service. Can't wait to try this at home!

All the recipes look delectable and not a single similar recipe in the group. I'm going shopping tomorrow to get the ingredients for each recipe so that I can try them out when the demo is over. I'm thinking I could bring a few smiles to my coworkers with some quick bread deliveries at work. It's a novel collection of delectable recipes and not a single similar bread in the group. Even though our judges will choose one chef who will have bragging rights, we'll all be winners since our competitors will share their recipes with everyone in attendance. Yum.

More details.

Written by Chris on October 6, 2011


Lisa F on October 6, 2011


The Reference Department is a short elevator ride away for you.

Elaine C. on October 7, 2011


And you'll bring ALL the recipes, too? Wish I could be there for the demo and sampling on Sunday. These events are always such fun!

Ellen - Helliemae's on October 7, 2011


Chris, can't wait for Sunday. I'm practicing my smack talk right now!!

TV-replay on October 10, 2011


Hi there! thanks for the recipe I`ll try it on Sunday! Hope everything goes well!

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