PubWEST Search Patents and Trademarks

What is PubWEST?

  • WEST stands for Web-based Examiner’s Search Tool, an internal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database for use by USPTO patent examiners.
  • PubWEST is the public version of WEST offered only in the Public Search Facility and Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries, including the Denver Public Library.

Why should I use PubWEST?

  • This is the search tool used by USPTO patent examiners and professional patent searchers, so you will be searching patents using the same interface as the professionals.
  • Precision search tools allow for more focused searches, which means fewer patents to wade through.
  • Easier printing
  • Faster viewing
  • Multiple Database Searching
    • U.S. Pre-Grant Publication Full-text Database
    • U.S. Patents Full-text Database
    • U.S. OCR Full-text Database: U.S. Patents from 1920-1975
    • European Patent Office Abstracts Database
    • Japan Patent Office Abstracts Database
  • Foreign Patents
    • English language searching of European Patent Office Abstracts
    • English language searching of Japan Patent Office Abstracts
    • Separate database of foreign patents and published applications searchable only by patent number or application number

PubWEST is available in the Reference Services Department, Floor 3 of the Central Library. Call 720-865-1363 for more information.