PubEAST Search Patents and Trademarks

What is PubEAST?

EAST stands for Examiners Automated Search Tool, an internal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database for use by USPTO patent examiners.
PubEAST is the public version of EAST offered only in the Public Search Facility and Patent and Trademark Resource Centers, including the Denver Public Library.

Why should I use PubEAST?

  • This is the search tool used by USPTO patent examiners and professional patent searchers, so you will be searching patents using the same interface as the professionals.
  • Precision search tools allow for more focused searches, which means fewer patents to wade through.
  • Easier printing
  • Faster viewing
  • Multiple Database Searching
    • U.S. Pre-Grant Publication Full-text Database
    • U.S. Patents Full-text Database 1976 - present
    • U.S. OCR Full-text Database: U.S. Patents from 1790-1975
    • European Patent Office Abstracts Database
    • Japan Patent Office Abstracts Database
  • Foreign Patents
    • English language searching of European Patent Office Abstracts
    • English language searching of Japan Patent Office Abstracts
    • Separate database of foreign patents and published applications searchable only by patent number or application number

PubEAST is available in the Reference Services Department, Floor 3 of the Central Library. Call 720-865-1363 for more information.