Polly Want a Cracker? What about some more pirate movies?

The fourth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, On Stranger Tides, comes to DVD this week. While the films are very popular, it has been a while since pirate movies were successful. For people who want to see other approaches to high seas adventure, the Library has examples of the best (and worst) in genre.

Pirate movies have been around for over a hundred years now, hitting their peak in popularity between the 1940s and 1960s. Pirate movies helped give movie stars like Errol Flynn and Burt Lancaster their start and, eventually, Disney even started making family-minded pirate movies.

By the 1980s, most pirate movies had stopped being popular. In 1995, the big budget disaster, Cutthroat Island, put a hiatus on the genre (with one notable exception).

Until, in 2003, Disney brought the genre back with the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

While a librarian can help you find even more pirate movies (and some books about pirates), here's a list with some of the highlights....

and last, but certainly not least,

Everyone has a favorite, what's yours?

Written by awickliffe on October 16, 2011


j. kirsch on February 15, 2012


While the first Pirates of the Carribean was fun and adventurous, each sequel has shown how desperate Disney and Johnny Depp are to milk a cash cow. Why can no movie stand alone any more, but has to have endless sequels, prequels and spinoffs. Are we that low on imagination?

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