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Backstage at Curious Theatre, Phoebe poses with a young fan.
The girls of Balls: L to R, Melanie Owen Padilla, Mare Trevathan, GerRee Hinshaw More sparkly balls Curious Theatre at 1080 Acoma St., 80204

While Chris Loffelmacher attends the International Cultural Programming Symposium in Cleveland, his friend, Phoebe Reese (entertainer, party hostess and self-proclaimed celebrity), will be filling in and sending you up-to-the-minute blogs on what's happening at Fresh City Life:

 Hello My Little Pumpkins!

I'm commandeering Chris' blog for a couple weeks while he takes in all the cultural offerings in Cleveland. Chris and I go way back, we grew up together in North Dakota and then met again years later while my star was rising in San Francisco. He was a clerk in a gift shop -- and though we were an unlikely pair, we became fast friends. My star never stopped rising...and now I believe Chris is a clerk of some kind at the library...so we've both come a long way.

I'm in Denver rehearsing for a holiday show. I try to do a few charity events throughout the year and since I was passing through Denver, I've decided to throw in with the girls presenting Balls: A Holiday Spectacular. It's a great little confection of laughs and song and all the proceeds go to a worthy charity.

I'll be kicking off Balls on Thursday, December 9 and I'm thrilled to be working with some of Denver's finest cater waiters and temps to put this show on. We're rehearsing literally night and day (as a matter fact, my secretary, Raoul, is entering this blog post as I dictate backstage between moments on stage). I'm a giver, that's all I can say.

Anyway my dears, more soon. I've got to dash; they're calling me for a fitting. I hope you'll come to Balls! You can reserve a seat here. Find info about the show here.

In haste,

xoxox Phoebe

P.S. Some of my good friends here at the Library will be hosting a bake sale at the show and we'll be highlighting everyone's favorite recipes for balls. Yum!


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