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Written by Janet on July 14, 2010


Janet on July 15, 2010


Oxford English Dictionary's word of the day earlier this week was:

niblick, n.
Golf. Chiefly hist.

An iron (formerly wooden) golf club, originally one with a relatively short face and subsequently applied to most lofted irons with a heavy head, used esp. for playing out of bunkers and rough ground. (Equivalent to a modern number 8 iron, 9 iron, or wedge.) See also MASHIE-NIBLICK n.

This is timely, since the British Open is happening now at St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland, notorious for its rough ground and bunkers. We'll probably see a lot of niblicks in play this weekend. Gotta love that OED!

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This is fantastic--I'm so excited to have online access to the OED. Thanks DPL!

Stacey C. on July 21, 2010


My husband and I both responded the same way. Sweet! Online access to the OED is wonderful. Thank you DPL!

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