Oprah Selects Freedom by Franzen

Oprah announced today that her latest Book Club selection is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. This is Oprah's 64th book club pick! Franzen's previous work, The Corrections, was a winner 6 years ago. Do you agree with her choice?

Jonathan Franzen was named "Great American Novelist" by Time Magazine, just prior to the publication of his fourth book, Freedom, earlier this month.

Oprah's Book Club selections from the past five years have included fiction, non-fiction and memoirs. No matter her choice, it is sure to be a bestseller. Which selection is your favorite?






Written by Tara on September 17, 2010


Anonymous on September 17, 2010


Another thing to note is that Franzen insulted Oprah last time and then she disinvited him on the show. This time it sounds like he is appreciative. I'm looking forward to my library copy I have on hold coming in. It's getting a lot of interesting press.

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