OpenAir - Sample New and Old Music with a bit of Colorado Flavor


There’s a new radio station in town, commercial-free and it came in without much fanfare. New since Oct. 31 and part of the Colorado Public Radio (CPR) family, it’s called OpenAir on 1340 AM.

The focus for this new station is new Indie Rock. In the email I received recently CPR said: “Explore new music and new possibilities on OpenAir.” They go on to say that “OpenAir will provide a comprehensive music experience focusing on new and recent music of the past 15 years with a Colorado perspective.”

I dropped in on OpenAir to give it a listen and was pleasantly surprised to hear a wide variety of music from Judy Collins and Aretha Franklin, Tom Waits, Beach Boys to lots of music unknown to me which I surprisingly enjoyed.

And recently, OpenAir published a list of the staff picks of 2011 and the Top 100 Albums of 2011:

OpenAir in the news:

They play “new music you’ve never heard and old music you never thought you’d hear again.”  Not many people listen to AM radio anymore, do they?  Now I hope I've given you a reason to go back to AM radio, at least to try OpenAir! I think it's worth trying it out. Have a listen, see what you think.

Written by BeeGeeJay on January 3, 2012


Anonymous on January 3, 2012


Thanks for the cool resource! I am going to give AM another chance.

james on January 4, 2012


I've been listening in the car and it's been a great alternative to Radio 1190 and NPR news. We need more radio like this. With all the ways to find music now, it's still nice to be able to discover a new artist while navigating through traffic.


Thanks for your comment, James! OpenAir *is* a great alternative. No doubt while driving you might hear something new and awesome, but you're not in a position to write anything down, or maybe, like me, you just can't remember who and what until you get to your destination! Tada! There's the online playlist! When you get the chance, be sure to check out OpenAir's Playist ( to get the name of that artist or tune you heard.

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