Suggest a Name for New Branch Library

Architect's drawing of Green Valley Ranch Library

The Denver Public Library welcomes suggestions from the community to name the new branch library at Green Valley Ranch, scheduled to open in Spring 2011. The Library will consider all ideas for the new branch name including names of individuals, groups, geographic location or other entities.

Learn more about the new Green Valley Ranch Branch Library.

Naming suggestions that recognize an individual will be considered for a person who has provided extraordinary service to the Denver Public Library as a staff member, a distinguished person who has provided extraordinary service to the Library or anyone who otherwise merits special recognition.

Names of individuals currently employed or employed within the past five years by the Denver Public Library, the City of Denver, the State of Colorado or elected officials currently serving in office will not be considered.

Submissions should outline the reasons why the name should be considered. For individuals, please include examples of extraordinary service and why they merit special recognition. All suggestions should include contact information for the person formally submitting the recommendation.

Supporting documentation should not exceed 500 words and will be accepted through Wednesday, September 1. Please submit suggestions electronically to, by fax to 720-865-2081, or by mail to:

Community Relations
Denver Public Library
10 W. 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204-2731

The Library Commission will make the final selection of the Branch name at their September 16 meeting.

The Denver Public Library Friends Foundation offers opportunities for donor recognition throughout the 26,000 square foot building including study rooms, furnishings, the community room and other spaces. For more information about how you can support the project, contact the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation at 720-865-2054 or email


In 2007 voters approved a bond measure to fund the building of three new branch libraries and to update and renovate many of our current locations. The other two branches, one in the Stapleton neighborhood and the other at Federal and Irving, will provide service in areas that are not currently being adequately served by our existing branches. The bond funds approved by voters are limited to these projects and can't be used to fund operations.

We continue to look into the future and how we can create a sustainable funding plan where we will be able to provide access to library collections, services and programs to best meet the needs of our community.

I nominate the name, "Joseph Cotton Dana." He was the founder in 1889, started in Denver High School. I think it's important to name a branch to connect with Denver's history.

Thank you for your suggestion! DPL's first City Librarian was John Cotton Dana (Wikipedia had the wrong name.) The first Denver Public Library was housed in East High School and here is an 1893 picture of Mr. Dana at the desk -

How about "Really far away from Denver branch" too bad this branch cant serve more of Denver

Green Valley Ranch is one of 3 new branch libraries currently being built. The other two are a little closer to downtown - one at Stapleton and a new West Side branch at Colfax and Irving. The thousands of people who live in Green Valley Ranch are excited to have a library close to home, they're 6 miles away from the nearest location at Montbello.

6 miles isnt too far to go for a library, but the Montbello library is extremely small and fairly outdated. Any time i'm interested in a book, I have to have it sent in from another library, and trying to get any computer time for research is ridiculous! Parking at Montbello is shared with the Boys and Girls club next door and theres only about 20 spaces anyhow. I am grateful for the new library being built. Thank you.

Green Valley Ranch is Denver. Our closest library is over 5 miles from here!

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