Suggest a Name for New Branch Library

Architect's drawing of Green Valley Ranch Library

The Denver Public Library welcomes suggestions from the community to name the new branch library at Green Valley Ranch, scheduled to open in Spring 2011. The Library will consider all ideas for the new branch name including names of individuals, groups, geographic location or other entities.

Learn more about the new Green Valley Ranch Branch Library.

Naming suggestions that recognize an individual will be considered for a person who has provided extraordinary service to the Denver Public Library as a staff member, a distinguished person who has provided extraordinary service to the Library or anyone who otherwise merits special recognition.

Names of individuals currently employed or employed within the past five years by the Denver Public Library, the City of Denver, the State of Colorado or elected officials currently serving in office will not be considered.

Submissions should outline the reasons why the name should be considered. For individuals, please include examples of extraordinary service and why they merit special recognition. All suggestions should include contact information for the person formally submitting the recommendation.

Supporting documentation should not exceed 500 words and will be accepted through Wednesday, September 1. Please submit suggestions electronically to, by fax to 720-865-2081, or by mail to:

Community Relations
Denver Public Library
10 W. 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204-2731

The Library Commission will make the final selection of the Branch name at their September 16 meeting.

The Denver Public Library Friends Foundation offers opportunities for donor recognition throughout the 26,000 square foot building including study rooms, furnishings, the community room and other spaces. For more information about how you can support the project, contact the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation at 720-865-2054 or email


I thought Great Planes would be a good name and then
realized how noisy this library will be. If there is a nickname it might become Noisy Branch.

How about Crazy Uncle Dewey's Old Timey Bookatorium and Moving Pictures Library?

how about we just keep as it is ''green valley ranch''it make's since to keep it as is

It would be very long, annoying and weird I think to say: "Green Valley Ranch Branch Library"

I vote for naming the branch after a specific person who's had a role in the Denver Public Library, versus leaving it Green Valley Ranch. It wasn't until I'd read the comments that I'd realized the potential for silliness like "Ranch Branch" or "Hidden Valley Ranch", which I think should be avoided.

I like Green Valley Ranch Branch too because it's fun to say,
"Ranch Branch" and that reminds me of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Mmmmmm...

How about the Happy Dance Ranch Branch.

Please just name this Library the Green Valley Ranch Branch. It identifies the library, the community, and you know just where it is (if you know where Green Valley Ranch is). Let's not name it after someone whom no one will know or give a rip about in the future.

Let's call it the Green Valley Ranch Branch cause it just makes sense!

I understand and agree with the need for a new library in Green Valley Ranch. However, I wonder about the other two branches that are being built close to current branches when those current branches are closed certain days a week because of budget cuts.

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