My treadmill and BET

I gained 60 lbs back this year after acquiring a DVR and serving on a book committee. One of my helpful siblings offered me a roll of duct tape or the loan of a treadmill. I chose the treadmill.

So I happily gave my treadmill a trial run while watching the previously recorded BET awards hosted by one of my favorite performers, Queen Latifah.  What a show!  The press mainly reported on Chris Brown's emotional performance but the highlight for me was the musical tribute by various artists (including Alicia Keys) to Prince who received the BET Lifetime Achievement Award.  Perhaps the best was the show stopping Patti LaBelle strutting and stepping her way to the edge of the stage while singing Purple Rain, flinging her heels off along the way.  BTW, Ms. LaBelle can cook in the kitchen too! Prince was clearly humbled by the love and honor paid to him by his fellow artists.

I have a musician friend who recently scolded me for recommending compilation CDs because that is "not the way artists intended their music to be heard."  Hey, I am older and closer to taking that dirt nap.  Sometimes, I need to just "get to it" and don't want to listen to an entire CD to find the ONE song I like. So if you prefer original CDs instead of the greatest hits flagged above, Denver Public Library has those too!

The BET awards show is over for the year but thanks to my DVR and new treadmill in the living room, I can enjoy the show guilt free all year long! 

Written by Laurie. on July 12, 2010


Anonymous on July 17, 2010


thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the bet awards. i also watched them and thought they were entertaining. especially the part with prince. i loved his outfit. i later learned that the shirt he was wearing is the artwork for his upcoming album.

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