My Favorite Show: The Cape

Only 3 episodes have aired of the new show The Cape, but I am already hooked. If you've missed it, don't despair, you can watch full episodes online for free. Wrongly accused and presumed dead, Vince Farraday finds refuge within a circus of thieves who teach him an odd assortment of skills. He earns The Cape - a hooded cloak with stunning properties.

Very much rooted in the superhero genre, it has the flair of the early seasons of Heroes, the action of the BBC show Robin Hood and is blended with the humor of Firefly.

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Written by Tara on January 21, 2011


Sean on January 24, 2011


Thanks for the review Tara, I have been trying to find something to fill the shoes of "HEROS" and have the pilot and first episode of this on my DVR, was wondering if it was going to be worth it's salt but shall now press 'play'.

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