Movies that Tell the Story of America

The holiday weekend promises to be a hot one! Stay cool inside with a movie about American history and culture.

As a child, I looked forward to the Fourth like it was Christmas in July. I wasn't especially patriotic or anything, it was just that the Fourth of July was the one day in the whole year when all of the kids ruled the neighborhood. We had a bike parade, an ice cream social, a block party that took up the whole street, and we shot off fireworks from the time we woke up until midnight, starting with caps and snakes in the daylight and ending with the most dramatic, colorful, and highest-flying for a nighttime spectacle (I didn't grow up in Denver so I wasn't breaking any laws!)

These fond memories might explain why I have a special, cheesy place in my heart for Independence Day and the fireworks shows (I'm the lady clapping and oooh-ing), barbecues, and park picnics that come with the holiday. I also enjoy watching one of the following movies that tell different aspects of the story of America:

Written by SarahH on June 30, 2011


Anthony Limon on June 30, 2011


Pearl Harbor? Really? I guess as a weak stab at historical portrayal as wrought by Hollywood. I was going to say this about The Patriot, but then I got to the bottom of the list. Mel over Bruckheimer anyday.

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