The movies of John Carpenter

The films of John Carpenter are a diverse and interesting bunch - from the frigid terror felt in The Thing, to the bizarre sense of campy paranoia in They Live, there is seemingly something for everyone. Although he has worked with many various genres, Carpenter is most well known for his horror and science fiction films.

His first real hit was the horror classic Halloween, which gave birth to the slasher genre and showed a then unknown Jamie Lee Curtis fighting for her life against a masked maniac. Though their plots and genres are varied, Carpenter’s movies are distinct for several different reasons. Whether it be his continued use of actor Kurt Russell, the minimal lighting, or the scores he composed himself, Carpenter has some unique techniques. Order some of these John Carpenter movies today and give yourself some thrills, chills, or even some laughs.

The Thing

Big Trouble in Little China


They Live

Escape from New York

The Fog

Assault on Precinct 13


In the Mouth of Madness

Prince of Darkness

Written by Kelly on February 15, 2011


Kellen on February 17, 2011


Nice to see somebody give a true Movie Maverick who operates outside the system some love. His remake of The Thing is one of my all time favorites and I watch it every year when we get our first snow.


Thanks, Kellen! I also love The Thing - that's a great idea to watch it to kick off the winter season.

Todd L on February 17, 2011


When you see the list of movies, it is really impressive. One of the things that he was good at was casting. In The Thing, every one of the actors is strong and went on to good careers. Also, taking Christine and adapting it to make the car scary had to be really tricky, but he pulled it off. Thank god there was, and is, Directors like him that do it their own way. The new horror is too much slash and gash. As Hitchcock said, "the fear isn't in the bang, but the anticipation of it". Think of that when you watch the thing.


I agree, it is very impressive how many unique and great movies he has directed. I feel the same way about new horror movies - there is something to be said for subtlety!

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