Movie Mistakes?!

Ever see something funny or weird on a movie? I have a great list.... Check It Out!

  • AVATAR: When Jake first gets into the "syncing" device and he says, "This is cool," Grace's hands are already on his leg. In the next shot she reaches for his legs, where he replies, "Don't, I got this."
  • AVATAR: There is a scene where Jake and Grace are tied up by the natives, shortly after they are cut down, Jake pushes Grace over a log to avoid an explosion, the shot changes to something else, then returning to the log, and we see that he's pushing her again. then the shot continues.
  •  AVATAR: In the scene where Jake wakes up from his link and Grace asks him, "Is the avatar safe?" and he replies, "Yeah Doc, and you are not gonna believe where I am," her hand is on top of his shoulder. But as the camera angle changes back and forth her hand switches to the side of his upper arm and back to the shoulder without time to have made the move.
  • CONSTANTINE: When Constantine gives Baltazar the final punch you can see Baltazar's tie lying on his chest. When it cuts from behind him his tie is over his shoulder. In the next shot it's back on his chest.
  • CONSTANTINE: In the pool when Constantine grabs the possessed Angela, he grabs her by her head with both hands. When it cuts he's holding onto her shoulders.
  • FACE/OFF: On the speedboat, when the anchor comes loose from the boat's bow it takes with it a large chunk of metal and leaves a gaping hole, but next shot, as the anchor falls to the water, the huge hole is gone leaving only the bullet holes on the surface.
  • FACE/OFF: In the shoot 'em up scene at the hangar, at the beginning of the film, Castor Troy shoots an agent in the stomach and the agent flies back - you can see the wire pulling him backwards.
  • FOUR BROTHERS: When Bobby questions the kids about the shooting he checks his watch then his watch swaps wrists when he has the kid in front of the court yard.
  • FOUR BROTHERS: Bobby says his mother died at age 62. Her tombstone reads 1939 - 2004
  • FOUR BROTHERS: Director John Singleton can be seen briefly as the goalie in the Thanksgiving hockey game.
  • HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Blaine (from the ski patrol) mentions "21 Jump Street" in 1986; that show premiered in April 1987.
  • HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: There is a poster of Rambo III in one of the lodge bedrooms which came out in1988 but the movie line is based on the guys going back to 1986.
  • ROBIN HOOD In the first shot of the small church in Nottingham, you can hear the bells ring. However, the bell on top of the church is not moving as it ought to be.
  • STEP BROTHERS: When Dale and Brennan are fighting over the drum kit, Brennan throws Dale into the gong and it falls over. In the next shot it is standing again
  • STEP BROTHERS: In the scene with the bullies, as the bullies are approaching Dale and Brennan are stationary next to a tree. A moment later they are seen moving to the same position.
  • STEP BROTHERS: When Brennan and Dale are watching TV, there's a blue can of Pepsi on a table, but in the next shot the blue can disappears from the table.
  • STEP BROTHERS: In the step brother's bedroom, while Brennan is singing "Let's give 'em something to talk about" there is a Samurai sword on the floor. When they cut back to the same shot the sword is gone.
Written by Lupe on October 31, 2010

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