Morcheeba Regains Their Voice And Returns To The Iconic Front Porch For A Tall Glass Of Lemonade.....

Morcheeba Blood Like Lemonade Album Cover
Band Photo of Morcheeba

Reunited again with original vocalist Skye Edwards, Morcheeba's Paul and Ross Godfrey have managed to recapture the band's classic sultry vocal trip-hop chill-out vibe that fans have been waiting for through two experimental albums.....effectively, the blood is pumping again and swirling in the lemonade.

Seven years is a long time to wait for an album but the titans of trip-hop have returned full circle to the marriage of the Godfrey brothers beats and the sly vocals of the lovely Skye much to the relief of their fans.

You can almost hear the clock roll back to "Big Calm" and "Who Can You Trust?" where carefully constructed James Bond-esque beats are layered with slide guitar, sitar, thumb-piano and harmonica then covered in a soul frosting of Skye's sweet and savory vocals. But this trip-hop cocktail also hides a sour side as Skye weaves tales of murder (Recipe For Disaster), vampire hunting (Blood Like Lemonade), calculated revenge (Even Though) and the perils of explorer Vikings (Beat Of The Drum) intertwined within her beautiful vocals like something that someone slipped into your drink. When you add the 70's style guitar ballad of "I Am The Spring" and begin the whole story with the gripping "Crimson," the listener and long time fan are pulled once again on to Morcheeba's sound cinematic front porch to watch the world go by as you count the sweat drops on your glass with the soundtrack provided.


By the way - Morcheeba hits the Odgen Theater on Saturday, February 26, 2011.

Really enjoyed reading your review on Morcheeba. I hadn't heard this band before (seen the name but not listened to them) and by using the link to youtube (Blood Like Lemonade), I was able to listen to them and then place a hold an a few of their titles in the catalog.
Thanks again!

No problem Carlyn, glad you enjoyed the review and the link....if you are feeling the sound try searching the site for some of their trip-hop friends like Lamb, Portished, SIA and Massive is perfect music for the upcoming Fall season.

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