'MetaMaus' Celebrates 25 Years of Maus

Twenty five years ago, Art Spiegelman gave us Maus, a story about enduring and surviving the Holocaust and the father/son relationship that developed afterward. The only graphic novel to have been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, it is now iconic, and has influenced how many of us think about comics, narrative and fiction, and literature.

And now, to celebrate and commemorate this groundbreaking work, Spiegelman has given us MetaMaus, a behind-the-scenes explanation and exploration of the work.

If you are interested in more graphic novels of the non-superhero, and non “funny papers” variety, here are a few places to start.

  • Persepolis An autobiographical account of the Islamic revolution in Tehran.
  • Feynman The biography of Richard Feynman, Nobel-winning physicist, adventure lover, musician, and all-around fascinating individual.
  • Paying For It The author’s account of his role in the sex industry—as a paying customer.
  • Pedro and Me The first person I knew who had AIDS was Pedro from the first season of MTV’s The Real World. This is the story of the author, Judd Winick, also from that first season, his experiences on The Real World, and his friendship with Pedro.
  • Blankets Winner of numerous awards, this is Craig Thompson’s autobiographical tale of first love, fundamental religion, and growing up.
  • Marzi Memoirs of early childhood in communist Poland.
Written by christopher on October 29, 2011

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